Our Story

Google asks their job applicants...

Tell me about the last three internationally collaborative projects that you have been a part of?

This one interview question presents a great opportunity and charge for educators.  How can we provide students the opportunity to engage in these internationally collaborative projects?  

So begins our story...

Sean Beaverson was teaching a lesson in which the students needed to collect information on the probability of an event, flipping a coin.  The students all participated in collecting the data in class but realized that if they had a larger sample size, their data would be more reliable and accurate.

Sean used Google Forms to create a simple form that asked people to report their state, what coin they flipped and if they got heads or tails.

Using social networks like Twitter and Facebook, Sean sent the form around the country for other teachers, friends, students, classrooms, and strangers to complete.  The results were exciting for the kids...they were seeing data collected from all over the country.

Next, Sean started asking people to retweet, post or share this form with others around the world.  Sean's class revised their form to include the country and currency for the respondents to record.

Once the Google Form had traveled to may countries around the world, Sean used the Gadget in Google Spreadsheets to make a map of where people had filled out this form.  

In a matter of weeks, these students had participated in an internationally collaborative project.

We believe that this simple story allows us to see the power of the collaborative tools that we have the opportunity to use in education.  
Flipped Education is committed to continuing to provide these types of learning experience for students and teachers.  

Join us!  We love this stuff!